Aloe × Inopinata Gideon F.SM., N.R.Crouch & Oosth., (Asphodelaceae) [Aloe arborescens Mill. × Aloe chortolirioides A.Berger Var. Chortolirioides] : a nothospecies from the Barberton Centre of Endemism, Eastern South Africa

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 15
  • Abstract:

    The natural hybrid between Aloe arborescens Mill. and A. chortolirioides A.Berger var. chortolirioides (Asphodelaceae) is here formally described as a nothospecies, A. ×inopinata Gideon F.Sm., N.R.Crouch & Oosth. The hybrid occurs at Kamhlabane, about 37 km [22 miles] east of Barberton, as well as at Twello 373JU in the Barberton district, Mpumalanga. It has been known in horticulture for many years, following the introduction of wild-sourced material by Gilbert W. Reynolds.