Zoological Survey of the Union of South Africa. Tick survey. Part VII. Distribution of Haemaphysalis leachi, the yellow dog tick

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 13
  • Abstract:

    1. The distribution of Haemaphysalis leachi is given in terms of political divisions as well as in terms of vegetational coverage. 2. The factor playing the most important role in limiting the spread of H. leachi appears to be increasing aridity; the critical level appears to be at 20 inches rainfall, irrespective of the type of vegetation. 3. The annual duration of frost apparently also plays a role, it does not occur in areas with over 60 days of heavy frost per annum. 4. It is generally absent from Karroo veld but appears to be able to maintain itself precariously where the Karroo veld also contains grasses. 5. Careful hand dressing of dogs appears to control the tick. 6. Small carnivores appear to play no role in the distribution of H. leachi sensu strictu, in that they are parasitized by a variety of H. leachi and not by H. leachi sensu strictu.