The relative digestibility of the constituents of the carbohydrate complex of grasses at successive stages of growth with reference to their partition into crude fiber and nitrogen-free extract according to the standard method for feeding stuff analysis

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 12
  • SDG 2
  • Abstract:

    The structural constituents, natural cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin, in graminaceous food materials, faeces, and the crude fibre isolated from these have been determined. The results showed that: (1) crude fibre is almost wholly composed of natural cellulose but that the method for its isolation underestimates the natural cellulose content of the feed and of the faeces; (2) natural cellulose is the most digestible portion and lignin the least digestible portion of the cell-wall structure. From this finding it is inferred that a closer association exists between the lignin and the hemicelluloses than between the former and the natural cellulose of the cell-wall complex; (3) with regard to roughages the standard feeding stuffs analysis does not divide the carbohydrate complex into substances of relatively low and substances of relatively high digestibility.