Studies on the alimentary tract of merino sheep in South Africa. XVI. On the identity of Schizosaccharomyces ovis. Part I. Some yeast-like organisms isolated from the rumen contents of sheep fed on a lucerne diet

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  • Abstract:

    All attempts by the usual mycological techniques to isolate 'Schizosaccharomyces ovis', have failed although other yeast-like organisms have been isolated, often in quantity, from rumen ingesta. None of these organisms have the characteristic properties of 'Schizosaccharomyces ovis' as present in sheep's rumen ingesta, viz. the power of quick fermentation of added glucose with simultaneous storage of massive amounts of glycogen in the cells. The rumen 'yeasts' have also been shown not to be Mucor spores or oidia or yeast like forms of Monilia which they resemble in size and shape. From this and other evidence, it is concluded that 'Schizosaccharomyces ovis' is misnamed and is probably not a member of the Eumycetes at all.