Om 'n gedig in 'n Afrikaanse dialek te skryf

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Peer-Reviewed Research


The question is often asked why I have written poetry in the Griqua dialect of Afrikaans? The term Griqua verse refers to my four volumes of poetry in this dialect. The article deals with the subsequent issue of appropriation in literature "and questions connected to it, including: Whose dialect is it? What do you know" about the dialect? Whose intellectual property is it? Whose voice is it? Within "the framework of practice based research, the ethics of my writing in a dialect" "are discussed, and it asks about the place of this poetry in the Afrikaans literary" system. It points out that the choice of the specific linguistic code is based on extensive sociolinguistic research. A number of other literary works in dialects are referred to. It is argued that negative reaction on the Griqua poetry is in most cases a political reaction and not a literary one.