A note on the results of an attempt to fertilise native goat-ewes with sheep-rams

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 5
  • Abstract:

    (1) Ten female native goats were mated to, or artificially inseminated with semen from a number of highly fertile sheep-rams during four breeding seasons. (2) There was great difficulty in obtaining fertilisation, but four of the ewes became pregnant; of these three aborted, while the foetus of the other died and underwent maceration. The pregnancy in each case terminated before the end of the normal gestation period. (3) The possibility of fertilisation occurring, followed by embryonic death and abortion, is not excluded. In fact it is supported by the irregular and long dioestrous periods experienced by the ewes. (4) Sexual activity was usually confined to the months January to August, but in a few cases oestrus appeared at irregular intervals throughout the year. (5) At death or slaughter, during the usual anoestrous season, seven of the ewes showed ovarian inactivity, two showed hydrometra and one showed foetal maceration.