The role of quantity surveyors in public–private partnerships in South Africa

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Peer-Reviewed Research


BACKGROUND : Quantity surveyors play an important role in providing cost and contractual advice in the built environment. This article seeks to investigate the current extent of their involvement in public–private partnerships (PPPs) in South Africa. AIM : The study intends to establish factors that influence quantity surveyors’ participation in PPPs. METHODOLOGY : A mixed-methods research approach was followed by firstly conducting a survey amongst South African quantity surveyors in order to determine their level of participation in PPPs. For triangulation purposes, a case study was also conducted. RESULTS : The results of the research show that, although quantity surveyors have the corresponding skills and competencies required in a PPP project, their current involvement in PPPs in South Africa is limited and that there is a greater role they can play in future. CONCLUSION : Quantity surveyors are uniquely positioned to play a bigger role in the implementation of PPPs in South Africa.