The nature of diasporic tourism in Cameroon : an opportunity for tourism development

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 8
  • Abstract:

    Abstract: While a number of studies have focused on diaspora tourism and the effects on communities, the focus has generally been on developed nation’s context with little focus on Africa, despite the high migration tendencies that have occurred to date. With specific reference to the Central African nation of Cameroon, this study examines the nature and the characteristics of diaspora tourism. It explores the contours of Cameroonian diasporas’ by way of profiling. The article argues that understanding the profiles of such a segment is important to understanding their behaviours and spending patterns, as well as their preferences for tourism marketers. Through a survey method, 281 respondents revealed the identities of such diaspora tourists as well-educated individuals, with high spending power, whose main reasons for visits were linked to visiting relatives and friends, conducting business, or attending a family event. The study argues that the segment is important for ‘turbocharging’ tourism development in Cameroon.