Principles for public Sector leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution : critical considerations

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 9
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  • Abstract:

    Abstract: Technological innovation is progressing at a rapid pace. Most of the concerns and debates around this rapid progression have been centred on the private sector, as this sector has been challenged the most by digitisation, automation, intelligent robotics and machine learning. However, very little has been written on the role of rapid technological advancement on the public sector. One certainty is that this disruptive innovation will impact the public sector in larger increments in the coming future. Although not new, technology has been used to predict weather patterns, drought sequencing and migration patterns in the public sector. However, the public sector has to engage on the leadership principles that are required to lead during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Consequently, this article will pose the following question: What are the principles of public sector leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? The article will utilise a systematic stand-alone literature review to aggregate all existing evidence to address the research question. The chosen methodology will be supplemented by an informal survey to enrich the findings and to explore the current knowledge, views, trends, and approaches to leadership and management to effectively lead in the disruptive era of technological innovation.