Picking on the poor : the contradictions of theory and neo-liberal critique. A response to Stasja Koot's paper on the contradictions of capitalism for Indigenous tourism in the South African Kalahari

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Peer-Reviewed Research
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  • Abstract:

    Abstract: The relevance of neoliberal critique of a community-owned, but commercially managed lodge, is examined with regard to Stasja Koot’s paper on “The contradictions of capitalism” published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism in 2016. Koot focuses on the ≠Khomani’s relationship with !Xaus Lodge in the Kalahari. This response critiques Koot’s methodology, theory and conclusions. This rejoinder provides the missing history of the project discussed, and details the financial evidence that cautions Koot’s interpretations. My analysis cautions about the relevance and use of his application of David Harvey’s Marxist-derived theory of spatial and temporal fixes. This response’s assessment is that Koot’s conclusions are arrived at without sufficient supporting evidence, and that his theory-led argument conceals a myriad of contextual contradictions. Some comment is offered on researcher’s positions and responsibilities.