Kuidas spring 1, Namibia : first impressions of a later Stone Age site complex

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 11
  • Abstract:

    Abstract: Kuidas Spring 1 is a site within the larger Kuidas Spring Later Stone Age site complex, comprising a number of stone circles, several cairns and small shelters. Following recent small-scale excavations of a stone circle, rock shelter and cairn, we report on the first dates and artefact analyses from the site.We show that the shelter was occupied between ~2300 and 1500 years ago, and that people used the circle from ~900 years ago until recently. The cairn and most recent use of the circle appear to be roughly contemporary. Analysis of our limited lithic samples reveals both similarities and differences between the shelter and circle occupations. Small numbers of thin-walled pottery and copper fragments were retrieved from the circle only, while faunal remains from both the shelter and circle are restricted to wild species. Based on these findings, interpretations of changing behaviour over time are premature. It is clear, however, that Kuidas Spring 1 represented an important resource for groups of people living in this arid landscape.