Grid synchronization of a seven-phase wind electric generator using d-q PLL

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 13
  • SDG 7
  • Abstract:

    Abstract: The evolving multiphase induction generators (MPIGs) with more than three phases are receiving prominence in high power generation systems. This paper aims at the development of a comprehensive model of the wind turbine driven seven-phase induction generator (7PIG) along with the necessary power electronic converters and the controller for grid interface. The dynamic model of the system is developed in MATLAB/Simulink (R2015b, The MathWorks, Inc., Natick, MA, USA). A synchronous reference frame phase-locked loop (SRFPLL) system is incorporated for grid synchronization. The modeling aspects are detailed and the system response is observed for various wind velocities. The effectiveness of the seven phase induction generator is demonstrated with the fault tolerant capability and high output power with reduced phase current when compared to the conventional 3-phase wind generation scheme. The response of the PLL is analysed and the results are presented.