Gender equality for achieving Sustainable Development Goal One (no Poverty) in South African municipalities

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 5
  • SDG 1
  • Abstract:

    Abstract: Sustainable Development Goal One demands the reduction of poverty, hence holds significance in the South African context where a high unemployment rate still prevails, hampering socio-economic development of the country as a whole. In addition, poverty is linked to gender inequality with female counterparts occupying fewer jobs in the South African labour market than men. This situation is even more dire at grassroots levels, where a lack of education and civic awareness, inadequate gender-based poverty alleviation policies, and inappropriate gender-based participation in pro-poor growth strategies, contribute towards the weakening of women’s empowerment. This article hypothesises that gender equality in poverty reduction strategies could have a positive impact in the realisation of Sustainable Development Goal One. In order to explore the gender equality measures in poverty reduction initiatives, the article utilizes a qualitative research approach with an exploratory design...