Elitism set based particle swarm optimization and its application

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Peer-Reviewed Research


Abstract: Topology plays an important role for Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to achieve good optimization performance. It is difficult to find one topology structure for the particles to achieve better optimization performance than the others since the optimization performance not only depends on the searching abilities of the particles, also depends on the type of the optimization problems. Three elitist set based PSO algorithm without using explicit topology structure is proposed in this paper. An elitist set, which is based on the individual best experience, is used to communicate among the particles. Moreover, to avoid the premature of the particles, different statistical methods have been used in these three proposed methods. The performance of the proposed PSOs is compared with the results of the standard PSO 2011 and several PSO with different topologies, and the simulation results and comparisons demonstrate that the proposed PSO with adaptive probabilistic preference can achieve good optimization performance.