Die kennisvraagstuk in wetenskap en geloof

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 17
  • Abstract:

    English: This article deals with the question of whether the kind of knowledge claims made in confessions of faith are reconcilable with the knowledge claims of the modern experimental sciences. This issue is addressed first by paying attention to the critique offered by one of the most verbal and vehement critics of religion among the ranks of practising scientists of our day, Richard Dawkins. Next, the differences between knowledge claims in science and religion are discussed (drawing on Kierkegaard, among others, as well as on the less famous work of McClendon and Smith) in order to show where and how the author takes issue with Dawkins. It is argued that science and religion are reconcilable since their questions are not mutually reducible and since the truths which they propound differ in terms of logic and function differently in people’s lives.