Conceptualising a multidimensional model of information communication and technology project complexity

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 17
  • Abstract:

    Abstract: Background: Information communication and technology (ICT) projects are different to other projects, such as construction, and require a new perspective to determine their true nature. The lacklustre state of ICT projects has plagued researchers and practitioners for decades as they are yet to understand why ICT projects do not perform. Literature places significant emphasis on success criteria and success factors for determining project success but this is a unilateral view as the level of complexity involved is underestimated. ICT projects however are multifaceted as there are a number of dimensions which influence the management and outcome of a project. Objectives: This paper aimed to illuminate how the dimensions are interdependent and interconnected through the construction of a conceptual model of ICT project complexity. Methods: Content analysis was used to identify and understand the various dimensions and facilitated construction of the model. Results: The paper identified five dimensions which effect ICT projects, viz. project success, project lifecycle, project complexity, project types and project methods. Each dimension was analysed to understand the key constructs and elements which need to be considered. The dimensions were mapped in a multidimensional model. Conclusion: The multidimensional model of ICT project complexity can be used by ICT project managers to more effectively manage projects as they are provided with a greater understanding of ICT project influences.