Barriers to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) participation for radiographers in Kenya

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    Abstract: Updating knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis is an important requirement if one is to remain professionally relevant. Formalized CPD is, therefore, essential in order to stay current in a dynamic work environment. The majority of radiographers in Kenya work in remote rural health facilities where CPD activities are limited. The question thus arose: “To what extent are radiographers participating in CPD activities and what constitute barriers to participation?” Objective: The aim of this article is to describe the challenges which affect diagnostic radiographers’ participation in CPD activities in Kenya. Methods: The study targeted radiographers who were registered with the Society of Radiographers in Kenya (SORK). Two hundred and fifty prospective participants were recruited from the SORK data base, using the fish bowl sampling method. Questionnaires with self-addressed stamped envelopes were posted by ordinary mail to facilitate ease of return, while telephone follow-ups improved the response rate. Results: The study revealed that 69% of diagnostic radiographers in Kenya were effectively participating in CPD activities. Barriers to CPD participation included time constraints (62%); financial constraints (66%); lack of information (54%); organizational culture (47%); paucity of resources (58%); and difficulty in being selected by their organisation to attend CPD activities (42%).