Ticks in the South African Zoological Survey collection. Part VI. Little known African rhipicephalids

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Peer-Reviewed Research


1. Omitting unessentials, the descriptions of various little known Rhipicephalids and their geographical distribution have been republished. 2. The descriptions of R. distinctus, R. masseyi, R. theileri, R. tricuspis, R. simpsoni, R. supertritus are brought up to date. The nymphs of R. masseyi, R. tricuspis, R. distinctus and the larva of R. tricuspis are described for the first time. 3. R. falcatus and R. tricuspis are shown to be valid species. 4. R. attenuatus is sunk as synonymous with R. masseyi; R. cuneatus as R. ziemanni; R . lunulatus and R. glyphis as R. tricuspis; R. schwetzi as R. dux 5. Donitz' supposition that the occurrence for R. follis is "domestic stock, South Africa", is confirmed with reservations. 6. A list of the commoner African Rhipicephalids, whose descriptions are not included in this article, is given.