The effect of supplements of different forms of sulphur to the diet upon the wool of Merino sheep

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 8
  • Abstract:

    (1) Six groups of young wethers were kept on a production ration for two years. During the second year five of the groups received supplements of sulphur and of compounds containing sulphur, the sixth group acting as control. The grease weights, clean weights and yield percentages of the fleeces, and the mean fibre lengths, mean fibre thickness, and mean fibre weights of shoulder samples were determined (2) The sheep were fed in individual feeding boxes, except for the hay, which was given ad lib. (3) The following supplements were dosed daily, except Sundays: a. Group I : No supplement b. Group II : Cystine c. Group III : Sulphates d. Group IV : KCNS e. Group V : 5gm sulphur f. Group VI : 0.12 gm sulphur (4) There was no significant difference between the groups, showing that there was no response to any of the supplements, as regards the above mentioned wool attributes.