Perceptions of pharmacists towards the importance of work-life balance: a descriptive cross-sectional study from Pakistan

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Peer-Reviewed Research
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  • Abstract:

    The present study was designed to evaluate the pharmacist’s perceptions towards the impor- tance of different factors responsible for work-life in Pakistan. A descriptive cross-sectional study design was used. A questionnaire was distributed to a sample of 382 pharmacists working at different settings. After data collection, data were analyzed through descriptive analysis and non-parametric tests using SPSS program version 16. The mean composite score for different factors responsible for work-life bal- ance were; work place culture (6.34 ± 2.80), workload (6.01 ± 2.32), work-family conflict (4.89 ± 2.30), family work conflict (3.04 ± 1.34), social support (8.93 ± 2.87) and job satisfaction (20.23 ± 7.08). The pre- sent study concluded a clear long term vision is required to address the needs and constantly changing re- quirements of pharmacy workforce in order to improve programs and policies for the acceptance of their role as well as their retention