Virtualiteit in Dietrich Bonhoeffer se Sanctorum Communio : kollektiewe intelligensie as nuwe epistemologie vir die kerk?

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Collective intelligence has been indicated from biological, philosophical, anthropological and technological developments. The stygmergy principle serves to explain collective behaviour in nature such as with ants. An earlier form of collective intelligence is found in Leibniz’ Monadology. Today, collective intelligence emerges from the anthropological space of knowledge. This article argues that collective intelligence such as Wikipedia is based on a postfoundational epistemology and asks whether this can be seen as a new epistemology for the self and the other. With these insights as hermeneutical interface, Bonhoeffers’ ecclesiology in Sanctorum Communio is re-read, and it is argued that Bonhoeffers’ church concept as Christus als Gemeinde existierend collectively might serve as a new epistemology for the church.