The trans-octadecenoic fatty acid profile of beef: implications for global food and nutrition security

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • SDG 2
  • Abstract:

    In addition to being an important source of macro- and micronutrients, beef can also be a source of trans (t)-18:1 fatty acids (FA). Overall, trans-FA have been associated with an increased incidence of cardiovascular disease in humans. Recent research has, however, shown that t-18:1 FA are a group of distinct isomers which elicit differential biological effects. The current review examines the potential of different nutritional strategies to enrich potentially beneficial or deplete detrimental t-18:1 isomers in beef. The possible contribution of seemingly beneficial t-18:1 isomers to global food and nutrition security is highlighted. The review also describes the importance of developing a regulatory framework to govern the consumption of individual t-18:1 isomers to enhance and sustain their contribution to food and nutrition security.