The impact of the performance management system on accountability in the public service of Lesotho

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • Abstract:

    Performance management in the public service of Lesotho has been in practice since 1969, albeit in a different form from the one being applied at present. The previous system of performance management was dubbed as a closed system. Confidential reports, completed by managers/supervisors were used to report on subordinates’ conduct, performance and promotion eligibility. The assessment outcomes were captured in confidential reports, which represented the sole opinion of supervisors. Although the new Performance Management System (PMS) aims at the achievement of objectives such as the participation of employees in the planning of work, the promotion of harmonious supervisor-subordinate relations, objective appraisals and the improvement of skills, the quest for public accountability does not appear to be an area of concern. The empirical research that was conducted for purposes of this study revealed the shortcomings in respect to the relationship between performance management and accountability in the application of the current PMS that need to be addressed by the Government of Lesotho.