Studies on the pathology of heartwater Cowdria (Rickettsia) ruminantium, Cowdry, 1926 I. Neuropathological changes

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    The most significant pathological changes in the central nervous system of 27 cases of heartwater are described. In addition to leucostasis and cell infiltration in the perivascular and subarachnoid spaces described previously, the following changes were noticed:- Swollen axis-cylinders, microcavitation and focal necrosis of the cerebellar cortex; degenerative and necrotic changes in the neuroglia accompanied by the formation of P.A.S. positive intracytoplasmic granules and globules; the accumulation of P.A.S. positive globules in the V.R. spaces; choriomeningeal oedema and fibrinous choriomeningitis; haemorrhages, oedema and vascular changes. Evidence is submitted in favour of the perivascular globules being proteinaceous and of glial origin.