Repositioning the research services unit of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature from an outside-in perspective

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • Abstract:

    A provincial legislature is often judged by the manner in which it carries out its Constitutional mandates of law making, oversight and scrutiny, facilitation of public participation and cooperative governance. The mandates call on the legislature to work towards effectively ensuring that the government meets the needs of South Africans citizens through meaningful service delivery. The Research Services Unit plays a pivotal role in this regard. However, the current status of the research services unit of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature suggests that the legislature does not receive maximum research benefits from the Unit. This article argues that having a large contingency of individuals does not necessarily translate into an efficient research unit or the production of reliable and credible research output. The findings of this article suggest that, in order to be able to deliver on its mandates, the Gauteng Provincial Legislature needs a rejuvenated Research Services Unit that could lead in transforming the legislature into a vibrant people-centred law making and oversight organisation, thereby contributing towards an accelerated improvement of the lives of the people of Gauteng.