Rapporteerder as slagoffer: die joernalistieke werkwyse in Slagoffers

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • Abstract:

    This article investigates the nature of the interaction between two systems of representation in Slagoffers (Dine van Zyl, 2001). From the research it is evident that the author uses the literary convention of fictionalisation; the TV journalist as narrator follows the media model of social responsibility. It becomes clear that the journalistic style and techniques support the literary embodiment of the stripping of the journalist as character’s identity — reporter becomes victim. The article focuses on the traces of the journalistic approach in Slagoffers. Obvious advantages of the combination of journalism and literature are identified. The conclusion is that the advantages of the journalistic basis and aesthetic presentation result in the particular impact that journalistic literature has on the reader. This hybrid form of representation seems to be a meaningful addition to the corpus of contemporary literary voices in the recurrent discourse regarding South African society