Observations on the antigens of some trypanosomes with special reference to common antigens

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 15
  • Abstract:

    Precipitinogens common to a number of Trypanosoma spp. were identified in double diffusion precipitin and immunoelectrophoretic studies. The T. rhodesiense strain used to produce the antiserum, which served as main indicator, was found to share antigens with a relapse strain derived from it, as well as with T. equinum, T. equiperdum, akinetoplastic and normal strains of T. evansi, and T. lewisi. A specific antigen, which had remained qualitatively unchanged over four years of continual passage, was detected in the homologous T. rhodesiense strain by precipitin and agglutination tests. It was impossible to distinguish between electrophoretic patterns of T. rhodesiense and T. equinum in starch gel, but T. lewisi was different.