Observations on Besnoitia cysts in the cardiovascular system of some wild antelopes and domestic cattle

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    Following a previous preliminary note on besnoitiosis in South African impala, blue wildebeest and kudu, more details are reported on this disease in game. Particular attention is given to the distribution of the cysts and the associated macro and histopathological changes. A comparative study with besnoitiosis in five bovines is outlined. Some of the more salient findings of the investigation are the following: the apparent absence of clinical signs of the disease in the antelopes examined; the almost exclusive confinement of the cysts to the cardiovascular system of antelopes; the marked incidence of cysts in the subcutaneous lymphatics of impala and in the peripheral veins of the limbs of cattle and antelopes, the head of cattle and the jugular veins of antelopes. The significance of Besnoitia cysts within the vessels is discussed in relation to the pathogenesis and transmission of the disease. An incidental finding recorded is that of the nymphae of a specifically unidentified pentastome within the cardiovascular system and liver of blue wildebeest and kudu.