The textual traditions and origin of the Syriac apocryphal Psalm 152

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • Abstract:

    Hebrew versions of three of the five Syriac Apocryphal Psalms (151, 154 and 155) were found at Qumran as part of 11QPsa, but no such versions of Psalms 152 and 153. There is a difference of opinion regarding the origin of these two Psalms. Some scholars accept the possibility of a Hebrew Vorlage, while others reject this. In this paper a survey is given of the research on Psalm 152, followed by a retroversion of the Psalm in Hebrew. The origin of the Psalm is discussed. In the retroversion and the discussion special attention is given to the manuscript 12t4 and its relation to the other Syriac manuscripts containing this Psalm. A Hebrew Vorlage is possible for the original text underlying Psalm 152 in the manuscript 12t4. The other Syriac texts represent a subsequent edited version of the Psalm in the Syriac transmission of the text.