The influence of trust and commitment on customer loyalty: a case study of Liberty Life

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 12
  • Abstract:

    English: The finance, real estate and business services sector, including the long-term insurance industry, contributed 20.3% to gross domestic product in 2011. However, the majority of Liberty Life’s customers are cancelling their policies as they face an uncertain economic future due, in part, to retrenchments. During 2008, it became apparent that Liberty Life had to improve its customer relationship management strategies. This article primarily aims to investigate the influence of trust and commitment on customer loyalty through customer relationship management at Liberty Life in South Africa. The results indicate that Liberty Life can become more trustworthy by keeping promises to customers, showing concern for the security of their transactions, providing quality services, showing respect for customers, and fulfilling obligations. The results also indicate that customers regard the product adjustments made by Liberty Life to suit their individual needs as an indicator of the commitment.