The effect of Chinese construction companies on the Namibian construction industry; a construction and design team members’ perspective

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Peer-Reviewed Research


English: The presence of Chinese construction companies working in Namibia has had an impact on the Namibian construction industry and the economy of the country. This article provides an overview of current trends and legislative acts relating to the construction industry in Namibia. It also describes the effect that Chinese construction companies have had on Namibian contractors and the tender opportunities available to these local contractors, and analyses to what extent Chinese construction companies comply with the various acts relating to the construction industry; as perceived by construction industry stakeholders. A questionnaire survey was conducted among Namibian contractors and building professionals and the results revealed that Chinese construction companies dominate and have a negative effect on local Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs). Some of the Chinese contractors are being awarded tenders without having complied with the tender regulations set by the Tender Board.