Supply chain integration : a qualitative exploration of perspectives from plastic manufacturers in Gauteng

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 17
  • SDG 12
  • SDG 9
  • Abstract:

    BACKGROUND : Supply chain integration was identified as a tool to assist an organisation to survive in a competitive marketplace. It was unclear how plastic manufacturers in Gauteng perceived supply chain integration efforts between themselves and their suppliers. OBJECTIVES : This study’s main purpose was to investigate the nature and extent of supply chain integration between 10 plastic manufacturers in Gauteng and their suppliers. The focus was on these manufacturers’ commitment to and perceptions of supplier integration efforts. METHOD : The study was conducted with plastic manufacturing organisations in Gauteng, over a period of 2 months. A total of 10 participants were engaged through semi-structured interviews. RESULTS : The main findings of the study revealed that commitment and trust were found to be the antecedents of supplier integration and closer collaboration, while customer price pressure and limited available resources served as motivating factors for integration efforts. CONCLUSION : It is recommended that organisations must revisit integration efforts when new markets are penetrated and top management support must be revisited using a strategic framework.