Quality of antiretroviral therapy in public health facilities in Nigeria and perceptions of end users

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    AIM: This paper describes perceptions of the end users on quality of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in public health facilities in Nigeria. BACKGROUND: Health care services in Nigeria face challenges of meeting end users’ requirements and expectations for quality ART service provision. METHOD: A qualitative design was followed. Unstructured focus group discussions were conducted with end users (n = 64) in six locations across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. RESULTS: The findings indicate that end users were satisfied with uninterrupted antiretroviral drug supplies, courtesy treatment, volunteerism of support group members and quality counselling services. CONCLUSION: End users expect effective collaboration between healthcare providers and support group members, to enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING MANAGEMENT: A best practice guideline for the provision of end user focused ART service provision was developed for nurse managers.