’n Verkennende meting van die kommunikasievolwassenheid van die bourekenaars- en ingenieursprofessies in die konstruksiebedryf

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • Abstract:

    English: The possible lack of scientific analyses with reference to the maturity of the quantity surveyor and engineering professions’ communication capabilities and communication instruments in the construction industry initiated the study. The reason for the survey on both professions is due to the fact that they perform almost similar functions. This article aims to measure the determinants of a communication maturity model in respect of the communication capabilities of these professions. Research undertaken by the University of the Free State in collaboration with the Wirtschafts University in Vienna, Austria in 2005/6 revealed the proposed most important determinants used. The results of the survey show that respondents were positive in respect of the professions’ communication in general. This can therefore influence the construction industry with continuous advantages for the property development environment. The survey results show that the determinant ‘instruments communication (supportive)’ of the quantity surveyor is experienced as the most positive. The determinants ‘verbal communication‘ and ‘written communication’ of the quantity surveyor are experienced as the least positive. In addition, the survey results show that the determinant ‘knowledge’ capabilities of the engineer is experienced as the most positive. The determinants ‘contractual communication’, ‘written communication’ and ‘instruments communication (clearness)’ of the engineer are experienced as the least positive. A communication maturity model, developed in previous research and consisting of the identified determinants for effective communication, has been used to measure the maturity of the two professions’ communication capabilities in the construction industry. The implementation of the communication maturity model in practice can have a positive influence to improve the communication capabilities of the profession in the construction industry.