Motivation, engagement, attitudes and buying intent of female Facebook users

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 5
  • Abstract:

    ORIENTATION : This research examined the influence of motives and engagement on brand attitudes and the influence thereof on buying intentions in the context of online social media brand communities. RESEARCH PURPOSE : The primary purpose was to investigate the interrelationship between motives, engagement, brand attitudes and buying intent of female Facebook brand apparel community members in South Africa. MOTIVATION FOR THE STUDY : Social media created a new tool for marketers to break through advertising clutter. Scholars assert that the influence of social media brand communities on consumers’ attitudes, behaviour and intentions need to be studied, and such research should be applied to a specific industry. RESEARCH DESIGN, APPROACH AND METHOD : A total of 333 female apparel brand community members on Facebook completed a quantitative, structured online survey. Structural equation modelling (SEM) was used to investigate the interrelationship between the constructs. MAIN FINDINGS : The results indicated significant relationships between some of the hypothesised constructs, namely hedonic motives and brand attitude, as well as brand attitude and buying intention. PRACTICAL/MANAGERIAL IMPLICATIONS : The findings suggested marketers should create entertaining and useful brand community experiences, as that would lead to favourable attitudes, and positively influence buying intention. Suggestions for marketers to use this platform effectively to engage community members were provided. CONTRIBUTION : The research contributed to the limited knowledge on brand community behaviour on Facebook in an emerging market context. This research examined female consumers, an influential segment of social media users. It provided empirical support for the