Liggaamsamestelling en rustende metaboliese tempo (RMT) in 25 tot 35 jarige vroue van gemengde herkoms en Kaukasiër vroue : 'n profielontleding

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Peer-Reviewed Research


Obesity is a rapid growing epidemic worldwide, affecting more women, especially black and coloured women (women of mixed ancestry) in South Africa. Limited research regarding the body composition and resting metabolic rate (RMR) of individuals from mixed ancestry is available, especially in comparison to other ethnic groups. The objective of this study was to compare various anthropometric and body composition parameters, as well as RMR in a cohort of sedentary Caucasian women and women of mixed ancestry. A once-off cross-sectional design based on a non-randomised available population participated in this study. Caucasian women (n=51), and women of mixed ancestry (n=26), between the ages of 25 to 35 years were recruited. Body composition parameters were determined using the Bod Pod® together with other anthropometric measurements (body mass, stature, waist- and hip circumference). The Mann-Whitney U test and effect size determined the significance of the differences between the groups. Stature (p=0.001) was significantly higher in the women of mixed ancestry. Caucasian women showed a medium practical significantly lower BMI (d=0.68), fat percentage (d=0.59) and fat mass (d=0.47). Women of mixed ancestry were shorter, had a higher BMI, fat mass and fat percentage compared to Caucasian women of the same age and weight.