In vitro skin permeation of sinigrin from its phytosome complex

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    Objectives: Sinigrin is a major glucosinolate present in plants of the Brassicaceae family. Recently sinigrin and its phytosome formulations have been investigated for its wound healing actions, by our research group. The aim of this study was to demonstrate sinigrin drug release from its phytosome complex and also to determine if the phytosome complex enhances the delivery of sinigrin into the skin when compared to free sinigrin. Methods: In vitro Franz cell diffusion studies were performed on human abdominal skin. The morphology of the phytosome complex was examined by transmission electron microscopy. The in vitro drug release was determined by using dialysis sacks. Key findings: The in vitro drug release indicated a controlled and sustained release of sinigrin from the phytosome complex. Tape stripping results showed that the sinigrin-phytosome complex (0.5155 µg/ml) statistically significantly enhanced the delivery of sinigrin into the stratum corneum-epidermis when compared to the free sinigrin (0.0730 µg/ml). Conclusions: These results suggested the possibility of utilizing sinigrin-phytosome complex, to optimally deliver sinigrin to the skin which can be further used for various skin related diseases including wound healing