Die omstandighede en aanleidende faktore in die “herontplooiing” van die eerste Vrystaatse premier, Mosioua Lekota (1994-1996)

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • Abstract:

    The ANC’s National Policy Conference resolved on 29 June 2007 that the premiers of the provinces would in future no longer be appointed by the President but by the Provincial Executive Committees, the National Executive Committee thereafter approving or rejecting the recommendation. One of the inducements that has led the ANC to change its policy in this regard was the grim experience in the Free State when the offices of ANC provincial leader and Premier did not coincide, causing so much strife and dissension, that the national leadership was forced to intervene repeatedly, which in the end resulted in the drastic decision of “redeploying” the Premier and various other Free State ANC leaders. This is an analysis of the conflicting views of the Free State Premier and provincial party leaders regarding the nature and underlying rationale of their respective positions of authority which also bring into central focus the terms of the constitution versus the authority of the party. The framework within which these issues are analysed is the dictatorial views within the ANC regarding the relationship of constitutional and party political interests versus white views on the inviolability of the constitution.