The suitability of various types of dung and vegetable matter as larval breeding media for Stomoxys calcitrans L. (Diptera : Muscidae)

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Peer-Reviewed Research


The dung of 7 species of domestic animals, 4 plant materials, standard larval breeding medium and 3 mixtures of some of these materials were evaluated as breeding media for Stomoxys calcitrans larvae. S. calcitrans could not breed in pure chicken dung or in either of the 2 types of sawdust tested, but Pinus spp. sawdust plus chicken dung proved an excellent breeding medium. Of the other media tested, Pennisetum spp. clippings were the least favourable for the development of S. calcitrans larvae. None of the media had any effect on the sex ratio of the adults that were cultured or on the viability of their eggs.