The Geographic Information System (GIS) in secondary education in Serbia

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 4
  • Abstract:

    This study investigates the application of new educational technologies in geography classes. The research involved 126 students from vocational secondary schools in Serbia taking geography as a compulsory subject. We developed and applied a questionnaire for this research. The results indicate that out of several ICTs available, the majority of students are familiar with the GIS, but only one third can be said to have theoretical knowledge and practical skills for its effective implementation. Students who use the GIS stated that it is a useful tool that contributes greatly to the development of cartographic skills, which is a major advantage given the problem-oriented learning approach, and that it is highly interactive, systematic and precise. These findings suggest that the GIS and other ICTs are still not fully used and that teacher presentation remains the dominant method, which includes less innovative didactic aids. The importance of the application of the GIS in teaching and suggestions for enhancing teacher motivation to apply this technology are discussed in the conclusion.