The arterial blood supply of the cervical vertebrae of the ox (Bos taurus L.)

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    The arterial supply to the cervical vertebrae of the ox was studied in 22 animals (Friesland, Jersey and Guernsey cross-breeds), ranging from near full-term foetuses to adults. Various techniques, including angiography and clearing of bone, were employed to expose the extra- and intraosseous distribution of the arteries and a description is given of a modified Spalteholtz clearing technique. The extraosseous nutrient arteries are described and illustrated. A uniform pattern emerged from the investigation and it is suggested that the main branches be named : (a) the artery of the vertebral arch; (b) the artery of the transverse process; (c) the basivertebral arteries. Frequent anastomoses between epi- and metaphysial vessels in young animals are reported, and stress is laid on the effective collateral supply maintained by the extra- and intraosseous nutrient vessels.