The animal experimentation controversy: ethical views of prospective teachers

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 5
  • SDG 4
  • Abstract:

    Vivisection (live animal experimentation) is a controversial issue for many people. The purpose of this case study is to examine the attitudes of prospective teachers toward vivisection in education and research, to determine if gender has an influence on these attitudes, and to discuss the implications of these attitudes with regard to teaching of the disciplines in the life sciences. A sample of 100 prospective life sciences and natural sciences teachers from a South African university responded to a questionnaire on vivisection in education and scientific research. The responses were analysed qualitatively and quantitatively. The results showed that most prospective teachers are in favour of animal rights and that females are more averse to vivisection than males. A number of suggestions are made with regard to vivisection in schools and tertiary institutions.