Studies on Parafilaria bovicola Tubangui, 1934 : 2. Chemotherapy and pathology

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 12
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    The filaricidal effects of trichlorphon, arsenic trioxide, sodium antimony biscathecol disulphonate and nitroxynil against Parafilaria bovicola were the subject of this investigation . Levamisole hydrochloride was retested in a separate trial to assess the time required for healing after successful treatment. A comparison of carcass lesions and the percentage of lesion area in untreated controls with those in treated animals reconfirmed the efficacy of levamisole hydrochloride, while nitroxynil gave more promising results. Both lesions and lesion area were reduced by 76% by the former and by 93% by the latter compound. The other drugs only slightly suppressed P. bovicola activity. After treatment with levamisole hydrochloride, active lesions were still present for 1-4 weeks and visible lesions on slaughter for 8 weeks. Since the visible lesions during the 8 weeks varied from acute to chronic and as they disappeared 9 weeks post treatment, it is suggested that provision should be made for a healing period of at least 9 weeks.