South African helminths Part VI : some helminths, chiefly from rodents

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 15
  • SDG 14
  • SDG 6
  • Abstract:

    Of 10 new species of helminths described 7 are from rodents, 2 from antelopes and I from the rock rabbit, viz., Paralibyostrongylus vondioei gen. and sp. nov. from the cane rat; Longistrongylus schrenki sp. nov. from the waterbuck; Paracooperia raphiceri sp. nov. from the steenbuck; Longistriata (L.) capensis sp. nov., Heligmonoides stellenboschius sp. nov. and Hehgmospiroides spira gen. and sp. nov. from mice; Libyostrongylta bathyergi sp. nov., Longistriata (L.) bathyergi sp. nov. and Heterakis macrospiculum sp. nov. from the dune mole; and Theileriana brevioesophagus sp. nov. from the rock rabbit. R.T.L.