South African helminths. Part V. Some avian and mammalian helminths

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    Some helminths are described and discussed which were recovered from six species of birds and three species of mammals. Of particular interest is the multiple infection encountered in the Reed Cormorants and Giant Bustard; in one case of the former seven different kinds of worms were present, namely Prosthogonimus cuneatus (Rud., 1809), Harvardia sandgroundi Baer, 1932 and Parphostomum radiatum Duj., 1845 (Trematoda); Ligula intestinalis Linn., 1758, Paradilepsis delachauxi (Fuhrm., 1909) and Hymenolepis cormoranti sp. n. (Cestoda); and the nematode Contracaecum carlislei sp. nov. The Giant Bustard harboured eight different worm species, the majority of which appear to be new to science; these helminths were Schistometra conoideis (Bloch, 1782), Schistometra sp., Idiogenes kori, sp. nov. and Idiogenes kolbei sp. nov. (Cestoda) and Subulura otidis sp. nov., Acuaria semei sp. nov., Histiocephalus choriotidis sp. nov. and two immature female specimens of a Habronema sp. (Nematoda).