South African helminths. Part IV. Cestodes from Columbiformes

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Peer-Reviewed Research


The writer records the following species from four species of South African pigeons: Raillietina. (Fuhrmanetta) crassula (Rud. 1819) from Columba livia domestica and Stigmatopelia senegalensis aequatorialis. Raillietina (Raillietina) columbiella sp. nov. from Columba livia domestica; Raillietina ( Raillietina) vinagoi, sp. nov., Raillietina (Raillietina) delalandei sp. nov. and Raillietina (Raillietina) vogeli Hilmy, 1936 from Vinago delalandei delalandei ; and Hymenolepis oenai sp. nov. from Oena capensis. In addition the species identified by Johri (1934) as Raillietina (Raillietina) polychalix Koltan, 1920 from an Indian domestic pigeon is considered by the writer as a new species and is named Raillietina (Raillietina) johri