South African helminths Part I

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 15
  • Abstract:

    Seven new species of helminths are described, namely: Echinococcus felidis from a lion; Anoplocephala (S.J.) genettae from a genet; Gyrocoela kiewietti from a plover; Dubioxyuris macroscelidis from an elephant shrew; Subulura dentigera from a guinea fowl; Heteroxynema clakhaasi from a hare; and Hyracofilaria hyracis from a hyrax. In addition, a new family of the Oxyuroidea, namely Dubioxyuridae is created for the reception of the parasite from the shrew. The status of the three species Subulura suctoria. (Molin), Subulura differens (Sonsino), and Subulura brumpti (Nopez-Neyra) is discussed and evidence is brought forward to show that these three species are co-specific.