Pereiraia raphiceri sp. nov. (Nematode : Ascaropsinae) from a steenbuck (Raphicerus campestris Thunberg, 1811)

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A new species of ascaropsid nematode, Pereiraia raphiceri, is described from the abomasum of Raphicerus campestris, N.W. Cape. Its chief characteristics are the tubular pharynx with annular thickenings; asymmetrically placed cervical papillae, a short and narrow cervical ala on either side; coiled and alate posterior extremity of the male, presence of four pairs of lateral, stalked, precloacal papillae, two pairs of ventral sessile papillae behind cloaca, and four pairs of minute papillae near tip of tail. Spicules unequal, left 1 · 8 and right 0 · 4 mm long. Vulva in anterior half of body. Eggs oval, smooth, thick-shelled, and fully embryonated when laid.