On the feeding of a phosphorus supplement to mother-reared calves, prior to weaning, under open range conditions in Bechuanaland

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
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  • Abstract:

    The results are presented of an experiment to ascertain whether a regular supplement of bonemeal given to calves up to weaning age would be beneficial to their growth and development, in comparison with a comparable group of calves which received no bonemeal up to weaning. From weaning onwards, both groups was the same. All the calves were weighed and measured every 30 days from birth until the conclusion of the test at 480 days of age. They were tested for osteophagia at fortnightly intervals and a blood-sample for inorganic blood phosphorus determination was collected from each calf at approximately monthly intervals. The results are compared with data which were collected on comparable calves, not included in the experiment. They were born out of cows which received no bonemeal supplement and therefore gave to their calves, on the average 496 lb less milk than did the bonemeal fed dams of the calves in the experiment. This comparison demonstrates the effect of a decreased milk intake upon growth and development.