Observations on cestode parasites of guinea-fowl from Southern Africa

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 5
  • Abstract:

    Ortlepp reports on collections of cestodes from guinea-fowl in southern Africa located in the Veterinary Research Institute at Onderstepoort. Most of the specimens were much shrunken and coiled, rendering their study difficult. 4 new species are described. The main characteristics of Cotugnia transvaalensis n.sp. from Nutnida meleagris in the Transvaal, C. gutterae n.sp. from Guttera edouardi in Mozambique and of C. crassa and C. meleagridis (also from guinea-fowl) are shown in a table. Several fragments of Raillietina (Raillietina) angusta n.sp. from N. meleagris in Onderstepoort are characterized by the narrow strobila. Hispaniolepis multiuncinata n.sp. from G. edouardi in Northern Rhodesia is compared with related forms. Material of Davainea nana, R. (R.) steinhardti, R. (R.) pintneri, R. (Paroniella) numida, Porogynia paronai and Ascometra numida is described; comparisons are made with the descriptions of other authors. All but R. (R.) angusta of the new species and some of the known species are figured. J.W.S.